Perfect for the teacher or parent of a prekindergarten student, these DVDs take children on virtual field trips to places they might not otherwise get to experience.

In the safety of your own home or classroom, take children to places they would love to go - like the fire station, an animal shelter or the zoo. Take them to places like the hospital or dentistís office to prepare them for a visit.

Lesson plans and assessments provide hands-on activities to do with children that promote standards for 4-year-olds that are recommended by the Department of Education. Take Home Page worksheets provide a literacy activity with every field trip. Learning is Fun!

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  • - Seasons 1-8 Available Now
  • - Each DVD includes 10 Virtual Field Trips, 40 Lesson Plans, 40 Assessments, and 20 Take Home Pages.
  • - Discounted price for purchase of all eight seasons.
  • - Your purchase helps to support continued development of the KidVision Pre-K program.



KidVision Pre-K is a production of PBS television station WPBT2.

Production of KidVision Pre-K Field Trips on DVD is sponsored by the Childrenís Services Council of Broward County, Florida.

The purpose of KidVision PreK is to provide preschool teachers with training and tools to teach standards for preschoolers so children will be prepared for kindergarten based on Department of Education criteria.
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